We’ve Been Busy

If you are friends with us on Instagram, then you know we’ve been working on new designs for next season!

I asked you on Instagram stories for feedback on the two fabrics I’m currently choosing. They’ve been so helpful, thank you! I’ve ordered sample fabric and will begin manufacturing samples!

Hopefully we’ll have two new tops to add to the store next year.


In other exciting news, we will be popping up in Costa Mesa next month!

If you live or will be near southern California on October 15th, you can try on Sotela’s Essential dresses in person! No more having to guess your size or which dress to choose because I will bring all three!

We will be there along with several amazing American-made brands.

American Made Pop-Up

Shop your fall wardrobe in person and meet the founders of 5 woman-owned brands.

#Sotelaeverydaywoman: Chandra Fox of These Native Goods

What do you get when you ask an incredibly beautiful woman to style your cocoon dress? Six chic easy-to-wear outfits  for 6 different events.

Chandra Fox created These Native Goods to serve  as a directory for people looking to find made in the USA products. It is not a shop, but a specially curated list of companies who manufacture their goods locally.

This month’s #sotelaeverydaywoman goes to the gorgeous, Chandra who knows how to look chic, but comfortable without compromising  ethics!


Chandra 1

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Everyday Woman Talk: What They Don’t Tell You About Birth Control Pills

what they don't tell you about birth control pills
When the bloating started

The more I talk to women about the reason I started Sotela, the more I find out how common digestive and hormonal issues are among women.

Up until last year, I had been on birth control pills for 7 years. My doctor recommended the pill because I had irregular periods and terrible PMS. The pill was exactly the “relief” I needed because I wasn’t doubled over in pain every month.

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#Sotelaeverydaywoman: Lee Vosburgh of Styleebee Blog

Before launching Sotela, I quietly Instagram stalked Lee Vosburgh of the Stylebee. Her style and thoughtful posts reeled me in each week. She’s different than most fashion bloggers because she focuses on conscientious shopping instead of meaningless consumption.

Lee, is this month’s #sotelaeverydaywoman because she’s genuine, exudes grace and has classic sophisticated style. The Stylebee has tons of great outfit posts including my favorite series,  Closet Mission, where she shares tips on how to create a versatile and functional closet from responsible companies.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to Lee!


Your personal style in three words:

Clean | Considered | Versatile

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#Sotelaeverydaywoman: Andrea Hartman of Seasons and Salt

I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made through blogging (while it was Gold Polka Dots) and through Sotela.  Andrea of Seasons and Salt is one of those people and I’m happy we’ve had the chance to work together. She is one of my favorite bloggers because she is such a sweetheart who has a timeless style that is very relatable.

Last week, Andrea of Seasons and Salt, asked me some great questions ranging from my background to where I see myself in 5 years. Today, it’s my turn to ask about her switch to conscious fashion, how she defines her style and her daily uniform.

Seasons + Salt for Sotela-4

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#Sotelaeverydaywoman: Johanna Tropiano Styles The Cocoon Dress


Johanna is just as amazing in person as she seems online. I was a huge fan of Johanna’s when I was an ethical fashion blogger because I loved her effortless style and how genuine she was with the real reason behind her compulsive shopping.

She embodies the meaning of the Sotela Everyday Woman because she doesn’t intertwine her identity with material possessions like clothing. Johanna recognizes that clothing is just another way to display her creativity because her beauty comes from within and what she has overcome.  We all have a story, but it is up to us to look inward and figure out who we want to be in the future.

I asked Johanna to join the #Sotelaeverydaywoman series because of everything I said above. She is beautiful, strong and incredibly chic.

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How The Essential Dresses Are Solving a Problem

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I quit the comfort of my stable full-time job to pursue a business I truly believe is necessary. Sotela is solving a real problem for women that isn’t talked about too often because we are either embarrassed or ashamed.

How often have you felt upset staring at a closet full of clothes that don’t fit the way you remembered? As women, we know our bodies fluctuate monthly, even daily and there isn’t much we can do about it.

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An Ode to Fast Fashion

This post was originally published on Good On You.

It’s Fashion Revolution Week, so let’s take a moment to pen a love letter to Fashion.

1. I hate the way you come and go and change with every season. Why I bought those baggy overalls last summer: I’ve forgotten the reason.

2. I hate the way you’re hot and cold, I can never win. I threw out my flares in 2012 and now the 70s are back in?

3. I hate the way you make me worry about how I might be seen. ‘12 bras you need in your lingerie drawer,’ my god, where have I been?


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Sotela is the answer to a closet where nothing fits and the time wasted trying to find something that does.