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10 Conscious Bloggers You Should Follow

Curious about conscious living? Chances are you spend hours on the internet, like us, looking for safer and healthier alternatives from anything to cleaning supplies, makeup, and especially clothes.

If you’ve been searching for ethical fashion tips, conscious lifestyle advice and everything in between, look no further because we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite conscious bloggers out there on the internet! Informed and intellectual, we’re pleased to share our 10 favorites below.

1. Jennifer Nini – Eco Warrior Princess


Blog description: Eco Warrior Princess began as a personal blog on the green lifestyle by Jennifer Nini, back in 2010. From fashion to politics, Jennifer and her team of contributors share their deep thoughts on many topics from fashion to politics. With tips on how to navigate the world of sustainability, Eco Warrior Princess believes in making the world a better and greener place.

Perfect for: Eco Warrior Princess is perfect for readers interested in all issues surrounding ethics, social justice, and sustainability.

2. Alden Wicker- EcoCult


Blog description: EcoCult is a blog providing you a sneak peek into the NYC sustainability scene. Fashion forward, EcoCult believes that you can still be chic and care where your clothes come from. With pieces on conscious consumerism and eco friendly living, EcoCult is a smart and fun blog for conscious tips!

Perfect for: EcoCult is perfect for those of you wishing for information into New York’s thriving sustainability scene.

3. Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home


Blog description: Zero Waste Home documents blogger Bea Johnson’s and her family’s zero waste lifestyle. With tips and tricks to not only save money but to make the most of your belongings, Zero Waste Home is concerned less with stuff and more with meaningful experiences.

Perfect for: Zero Waste Home is perfect for both beginners and experts on the zero-waste lifestyle. Take advantage of Bea’s tips and tricks to cut down on your waste!

4. Caroline Rector- Un-Fancy


Blog description: Unfancy was born out of Caroline Rector’s desire to curb her spending and find her true style. With tips on outfit ideas, closet curating, and personal style, Unfancy helps readers become aware of their individual style through building capsule wardrobes with timeless pieces.

Perfect for: Building a capsule wardrobe? Unfancy has planning resources, tips and tricks to help get you started!

5. Lee Vosburgh – Style Bee

Blog description: Style Bee is a blog by Lee Vosburgh searching to help readers define their personal style and to connect them with independent brands across the globe. With tips on simplifying your style and collecting timeless pieces, Vosburgh seeks to bring closet contentment to women everywhere.

Perfect for: Style Bee was founded for the women who want to spend less time, money, and effort on clothing. This blog is perfect for defining your personal style and building your wardrobe for years to come.

6. Allison – Thoughtful Closet

Blog description: The Thoughtful Closet blog hopes to inspire others to stop using shopping as an emotional outlet and to start developing a personal style with consciousness in mind. Blogger Allison began the Thoughtful Closet to express creativity and thoughtfulness through your wardrobe.

Perfect for: Allison at the Thoughtful Closet provides beautiful styling tips and product reviews for the conscious consumer. Style your timeless pieces with help from the looks at the Thoughtful Closet!

7. Andrea – Seasons + Salt

Blog description: Seasons + Salt is a blog about simple style and conscious living. Andrea believes you don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics when asking when, how, and where your clothes were made. Seasons + Salt is all about less is more when it comes to style and life.

Perfect for: Seasons + Salt caters to the capsule wardrobe beginners and seasoned conscious shoppers alike. Get started with tips on ethical retailers and outfit styling!

8. Ellie – Selflessly Styled


Blog description: Selflessly Styled is a blog and resource center with a mission in helping people shop ethically and affordably. Ellie, it’s founder is also available for style consultations helping clients build their wardrobes and refine their styles.

Perfect for: Selflessly Styled is perfect for those who are interested in getting started but need a little help. Use the large list of ethical brands compiled by Ellie to skip the muss and fuss of searching for an ethical brand yourself!

9. Paige – Style this Life

Blog description: Paige at Style this Life is a wife and mom who desires more simplicity in her life. Documenting her style journey through capsule wardrobes and styling tips, Paige hopes to share the process to simplifying your wardrobe and inspiring your style.

Perfect for: Style this Life is perfect for busy women and moms simplifying their wardrobes on a budget. Paige’s style tips, capsule collections, and accessible list of looks you can shop for is perfect for the busy woman looking to define her style.

10. Olivia – Simply Liv & Co

Blog Description: Simply Liv & Co effortlessly promotes slow living with outfit posts, capsule wardrobe challenges, and brand highlights. She combines her love for ethical fashion and a ‘less is more’ attitude with curated outfits that are tailored for women who want to live a simple, minimal life.

Perfect for: Olivia’s blog is curated for women who intentionally choose to simplify and focus on things that really matter in life. Simply Liv & Co is perfect for minimalists and those who want to start living a more intentional life!

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