3 Outfits for Valentine’s Day

I wore a uniform most of my school life and absolutely hated it. I remember dreaming of the day I could wear whatever I wanted during the week.

In the eight grade, I had a free dress day that I saved for Valentine’s day to impress my boyfriend (cringe). I vividly remember my outfit– a burgundy cardigan over a pink and burgundy wrap top with a pink camisole under and jeans. My hair was even wavy because I french braided it the night before.

Needless to say, he was home sick and didn’t get to see my amazing Valentine’s day inspired outfit, ha!

My love for dressing up on Valentine’s Day hasn’t changed because I still plan my outfits and look forward to getting ready.

So if you have plans to go out on Valentine’s Day (even if it’s on a Thursday), or on the weekend (like us), here are three outfit ideas with pieces from the Terra Collection! And you can watch the video below to see the outfits in action..

Date Night

The Avery dress is equal parts comfortable AND sexy, which in my book is a great Valentine’s Day outfit. It is made with the softest ribbed fabric that skims your curves, without being too clingy. Layering a sweater over the Avery is the perfect addition for a winter night out.

Outfit Details:

Avery Dress- Size 1

Sweater: Solo Six

Marais: Jardin Sandals

Casual Night Out

The Stella Jumpsuit paired with the Chore Jacket makes the outfit a tad more casual and relaxed. The Tencel/flax canvas of the olive Stella Jumpsuit gives it more structure adding to the casual factor compared to the other Tencel options. You can make the outfit even more casual by adding flats or tennis shoes.

Outfit Details:

Sedona Chore Jacket – Size 1

Stella Jumpsuit – Size 1 Olive Petite

Shoes: Nicora Heels

Night In

The Ridge top and Lena pant are two of the most comfortable pieces from the collection, making it perfect to wear at-home while watching tv and eating a delicious meal. The Ridge is made with the same ribbed fabric as the Avery dress so it’s soft and very comfortable. The Lena pant has a wide-leg design and an elastic waistband all around, so it’s essentially like pajamas. Hence, this outfit is perfect for a night in if you are looking to wear something other than pajamas, just take off the boots đŸ˜‰

Outfit Details:

Ridge Wrap Top- Size 1 black

Forest Cardigan- Size 1

Lena Pant in Copper Tencel- Size 1 Regular

Nicora boots

See the outfits in action..

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