4 Last Minute Halloween Costumes with Sotela

Raise your hand if you are a Halloween/holiday procrastinator!

Hello, my name is Hanna and I’m a holiday procrastinator. I’ve bought Olivia’s Halloween costumes either on the day of or a couple days prior. We usually make a costume from what she already owns or I buy one used.

Exhibit A: I put this costume together on the day of our Halloween party. Exhibit B: Bought this used costume on FB marketplace the week before Halloween.

So for any of you who are still scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume, we have four ideas! Each costume was put together by items in my closet including older Sotela styles.

Costume 1: Pineapple

I thought long and hard about what costumes I can create with the Luna wrap dress in mustard since it was our best-seller, and well, pineapple is the winner! It doesn’t hurt that Olivia will be a strawberry this Halloween so I can be her fruity companion.

This costume took the most time because we had to make the pineapple stem. It’s fairly easy to make using this Studio DIY tutorial. I’ll probably add leggings and a long sleeve to make this outfit cold-weather appropriate.

Outfit Details:

DIY Headband with pineapple stem

Luna Wrap Dress in Mustard

Silver Nicora Heels

Costume 2: Pirate

Ahoy matey! Find the frilliest shirt in your closet or a striped top and pair it with black Ryan trousers and knee high boots and ye got yourself a costume. I didn’t have an eye patch handy so I added a strip of fabric to cover my eye.

Outfit Details:

Top: Secondhand

Ryan Trousers in black

Secondhand knee high boots

Costume 3: Wednesday Addams

This is my go-to costume when I don’t have anything else planned. Wednesday is such an easy costume to do because all it takes is a white button-up shirt and black dress! Our Pocket shift dress was made for this costume.

And for bonus points, add knee-high socks, pigtails and dark lipstick to complete the look.

Outfit Details:

Top: Everlane linen button-up shirt

Sotela Pocket Shift Dress

Nicora boots

Costume 4: Frida

If you have a floral headband and shawl, you can easily be Frida. Achieving the look takes a few props and her iconic unibrow. I’ve seen Frida costumes with dresses and skirts, but very few pants. The key to pulling off a pant for this costume is to wear a wide-leg so it has the same drape as a skirt/dress. Add a lace/embroidered top to finish the look and you are set!

Outfit Details:

Vintage top

Lena Pants in black tencel

Marais Sandals

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