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4 WFH Outfits: Activewear Edition

When I’m designing, I make sure our garments are versatile. I’m a functional person, which means I like my clothing to work for daily activities. I want to be able to workout, run errands, and go to work in clothing that is put together.

I’d like to introduce you to the newest style session from our Work From Home Series — activewear edition.

Outfit 1: Lyla Crop in Black with Leggings

The Lyla crop is our most workout-friendly top because it doesn’t have sleeves! Sleeves in a non-stretchy material can be restricting when moving around and getting that blood pumping. Since it’s cropped, it pairs well with high-waisted leggings such as these from Girlfriend. You’ll soon realize this series is a love letter to Girlfriend.

Top: Lyla Crop in Black

Leggings: Float Leggings

Outfit 2: Crop top and Papaya Shorts

Since these shorts are loose and relaxed-fitting, they are perfect for light activities. I wouldn’t necessarily run in them or do squats, but I would do yoga in them! I love this bra’s length because it almost looks like a workout top!

Bra: Paloma Bra

Bottoms: Papaya Shorts

Outfit 3: Lyla Crop and Bike Shorts

The Lyla crop does it again, but this time I put the scoop in front. Even with the scoop neckline, it’s still high enough to cover a sports bra. The oat stripe fabric is so light and airy that it easily pairs with any bottom.

Top: Lyla crop in Oat Stripe

Bottom: Bike Shorts

Outfit 4: Sports bra and Lena Pants

I told you.. This series turned out to be a love letter to Girlfriend Collective. I recently purchased most of the above items from their new Float line, and I’m in love. They are thinner than their original items, which is perfect for this summer heat. Here I am wearing a regular sports bra with the Lena pants in sand. Again, these Lena pants are as loose as the Papaya shorts so they work for light activities like yoga. I would most definitely wear this outfit to the beach as well.

Top: Lola Bra

Bottom: Lena pants in Sand

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