5 Tips to Be More Photogenic

My friends and family tease me for always doing the ‘Hanna pose’ while taking pictures. I usually place one hand on my hip and slightly turn to the side.  I started doing this pose when I realized I didn’t like my pictures anymore.

I’ve had family members recently tell me they didn’t like taking pictures because they thought they looked bad. All of these women are beautiful, but felt self-conscious in front of a camera. To get the pictures you want, you have to be confident (fake it till you make it) and practice. I know it sounds narcissistic standing in front of a mirror and practicing, but it will make such a difference knowing what angle looks best and how to look thinner in pictures.

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Know your angle
Most of our faces are asymmetrical making pictures taken directly in front of us just okay. My before picture is pretty bad because 1) my face is asymmetrical and 2) it looks wider. I know that my big cheeks make my face look rounder, which is why I rarely look straight into the camera. I always angle my face to the left and down to make my face look thinner.

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Angle your Body
Taking pictures directly in front of the camera can make you look wider. Like the last tip, angle your body as well to look thinner.

Standing up straight makes you look taller and thinner. Not only do I pull my shoulders back to have better posture in pictures, but to also make my arms look slimmer.

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Position your arms so they aren’t awkwardly hanging , which again can make you look thinner. The after picture is what everyone calls the ‘Hanna pose’ because my hand is on my hip. I started doing this pose towards the end of high school because I wasn’t a scrawny kid anymore. I gained weight in my senior year of high school and realized my arms were a lot bigger. Leaving my arms to the side made my body and arms look so much wider.

Taking pictures, especially by yourself, is super awkward. I’m still not used to taking outfit pictures even though I started doing them in December! To make my pictures look more natural, I always do something with my legs. I will either cross my legs or bend one of them like in the previous after picture. Bending or crossing your leg will always make you look more natural and confident in pictures.

I know that was a lot to take in, but do you have any tips to be more photogenic?

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