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5 Ways to Use Mindfulness to Build Your Dream Wardrobe

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I’ve been there. I’ve looked at a closet full of clothes and couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. Searching through heaps of clothing I forgot I even purchased and owned, finding an outfit in the morning became more of chore than a fun sense of expression. But what I was missing in my closet wasn’t necessarily the right clothes, it was mindfulness.

Building a wardrobe, especially an ethical one, starts with mindfulness and being aware. Check out our tips on how you can use mindfulness to build a long-lasting wardrobe you love.

  1. Plan Everything Before Setting Foot in a Store

Limits force us to be creative. It’s when we step into a store without a plan that our best intentions begin to crumble. When you have a solid plan on what you’d like your wardrobe to look like, you become more intentional and less prone to shop emotionally. Taking a few moments to plan also gives you a chance to consider your own style and how the pieces you want are able to work with one another.

Check out these planning workbooks and resources by some of our favorite conscious style bloggers:

-The Capsule Planner by Un-Fancy

-The 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp by Anuschka Rees

-The 10 X 10 Challenge by StyleBee

  1. When You Do Shop, Go For Timeless Pieces

Because trends disappear within a season or two, investing in pieces that are timeless will give you more bang for your buck. Timeless pieces are often more versatile and easy to dress up or dress down in a variety of ways. The more versatile the item, the more value it adds to your wardrobe.

Need some ideas on timeless pieces you can incorporate for Spring? Check out our new Warm Weather Collection of great timeless pieces!

  1. Use What You Have

Building your dream wardrobe doesn’t require making new purchases. Shop from your closet and use some of your well-loved timeless pieces to build out your wardrobe. Have a dress you love with a torn seam? Learn to sew or get it tailored and extend the life of your garments!

  1. Quality over Quantity

Chances are you only wear a select few items already in your wardrobe. To keep from closet overwhelm, consider challenging yourself to keep your wardrobe under 40 pieces of garments you know you absolutely love. Limiting the number of pieces you own gives you a chance to invest in the quality of the pieces you choose to buy or keep. Consider learning more about the different types and quality of fabrics to make sure you’re buying well-made and long-lasting clothing.

  1. Respect Your Clothes

Looking into your closet every morning should be fun! One way to remain mindful and to keep your sanity when opening your wardrobe is to keep an organized closet where everything is in view. You’ll be able to better track what you wear and often times help keep the shape of your clothing when it hangs on a hanger.

And always, consider who made your clothes and the journey your garment went through before landing in your closet.

What you wear is a reflection of who you are. Being intentional and mindful about your clothing will help you begin the journey to having your dream wardrobe!

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