5 Work From Home Outfits

These days, most of us are working from the comforts of our own home. A global pandemic has a way of stopping everything and everyone in its tracks. The first month of being at home was rough. It was hard to even get dressed because there was so much anxiety and fear. I lived in leggings and sweatpants, which were comfortable, but didn’t exactly make me feel good about myself.

Clothing has a powerful way to make or break your day. If you look your best (whatever your best may be), you feel your best. I knew there was a way to merge the comfort I craved during these uncertain times with clothing that also made me feel good. I mean — I do design those types of clothing after all.

These 5 outfits will allow you the flexibility to eat all the snacks in your home while taking a zoom call from your couch or desk.

Outfit 1: Let them Free

Who wants to wear a bra these days? When you are at home all day, there really is no need for anything uncomfortable, especially a bra. I’ve been living in my Free Label Andie Bra or their trail tank when I don’t want to be in boob jail. The Trail tank is compressive, but also comfortable so you can take a zoom call without anyone knowing just how free you really feel.


Outfit 2: Bright Outfit, Bright Day

Sometimes we have to trick our mind into feeling better when we aren’t there yet. A bright outfit always lifts my spirit because how can you be mad when you are wearing mustard? The Lyla is a no-fuss top that has a boxy fit and is on the longer side of crop tops. Paired with the Lena pants in modal (my favorite WFH pant), it’s an easy, comfortable, and practical outfit.


Outfit 3: Vacation Vibes from Home

I know we are all thinking and dreaming it, so why not dress it? We are all anticipating our next vacation, so how about we start with our outfit? Not only do the avocado and sand colors scream tropical weather, but they are also light and fresh. It started warming up in Los Angeles this week, so I’ve been keeping it cool with linen. The Pomelo Shirt can be tied up in a knot with the Lena pants, fully tucked in, half tucked in, or left out for a comfortable breezy look. Point is, you can’t go wrong with however you wear the Pomelo shirt.


Outfit 4: Sweatpants All Day, Everyday

It’s completely impossible to resist sweatpants 100% of the time. I know because I’ve tried. When you have those urges, just give in, but at least put on fancier sweatpants! Anything you don’t sleep is already fancier in my book. These Ryan Joggers are the most comfortable pant you will ever own. They are made with a brushed fleece, so while the outside is sleek, the inside is fuzzy like a warm blanket. I’ve done a style video dedicated to these Joggers because that’s how much I love them. Pair your Ryans with a nice top like the Lyla, and you have a work-appropriate outfit that checks all the boxes if your boss wants to suddenly video chat.


Outfit 5: One and Done Outfit

I typically include one-and-done outfits in my style posts because somedays getting dressed can feel like too much work. The longer it takes for us to a decide on an outfit, the earlier we get decision fatigue. If I know I need to preserve my energy on more important things, I will depend on easy outfits that include a single garment. The Sandia Midi dress is one of our newest styles this season. It was designed after our best-selling Amor Shift dress, but revised to fit the practicality you need in warm weather. It feels almost like a nightgown, but so much more elevated than sleepwear. Dare I say, it’s even sexy too?


I kept the shoe selection easy and practical for these WFH outfits. The last thing I want to wear while working from home are shoes that need to be buckled or tied. To be honest, I’m typically in my house sandals most of the time anyway, but if I need to go outside, I slip into mules or sandals.

And here’s the video if you want to see the garments in action!

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