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A Glimpse into Our Inclusive Sizing

Direction: @LizWearsWhat Photography: @QuarterMoonCo Original Paintings: @Devon_Dadoly Models: @cheyennegil @jessmariecady @laurenleavellfitness

Remember that time we expanded our sizing and launched a new collection in 10 sizes?

It’s been 4 months since that glorious launch and we’ve learned so much about fit and process.

Several of our garments came out amazingly in all the sizes like the Luna wrap and Flor Jumpsuit, while others still need improvement. I’m a big fan of transparency so even though it has been 4 months, we are still revising some of our designs in sizes 6-10. The beauty of being made-to-order and having an in-house team means we can make changes immediately with customer feedback. That’s why we shifted our business model last year because I wanted the flexibility to make changes according to our customers.

There are about 100 revisions that take place from the moment we design to when it’s on your body. And since every body is different, we have to keep certain design elements in mind to make it flexible. Luckily, we have patient and understanding customers who are working with us to get the right fit!

We’ve come to understand where we went wrong and how to rectify it for the next collection. Designing well-made clothing is not for the faint of heart and takes trial and error. Several of our classics like the Ryan trouser and Stella Jumpsuit took more than a year to perfect in sizes 0-4. Unsurprisingly, those are the pieces we are still revising.

Our process has changed quite a bit as well since we now have an in-house team. At the time of the Sol collection, we had several contractors we worked with, which may have led to some miscommunication. However, now that we are working together everyday, we are able to work together to achieve the best fit in an efficient way.

This is my team’s first venture in inclusive sizing so it is a learning process for us all, which is the case for most independent brands. However, I’m so grateful and appreciative of this community because I’ve received valuable feedback and support from all of you.

Moving forward, our goals are to continuously improve fit of all our garments as well as highlighting true inclusivity. Inclusivity in this space goes beyond clothing, but showing how garments look and move on different bodies.

Thank you for being supportive and understanding as we navigate this new territory! We are lucky to have you in this community.

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