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A Guide to Shopping Smarter

A guide to shopping smarter

For as long as I can remember, I would spend the majority of my money on clothes. I remember going to the mall several times a month after I got my driver’s license because I wanted the newest trend. Vests were really popular in 2007 so you better believe that I had at least 5 different vests. Those vests are now in a donate box or going to be repurposed in my home. The point is that I never knew how to shop smart. I spent so much money buying clothes I will never wear again..

Solely supporting eco-friendly brands isn’t the only way to have an eco-conscious approach to fashion. Shopping smarter can help reduce the excessive waste caused by all the ‘latest trends.’ Don’t get me wrong, I still want clothes that are considered trendy, but only the ones that are truly my style and will last for many years.

I started following this guide once I decided to solely buy eco-friendly clothes. Since then, I have only bought items I truly love and have saved so much money in the process. Adopting an eco-conscious approach has forced me to be creative and shop my closet, repurpose donated clothes and sew.

Before you shop, take a look at your closet and then this guide! The first step is deciding if the item you want to buy is a basic piece or statement piece.  Basic pieces are usually neutral colored and go with everything such as white t-shirts, grey tank tops and blue jeans. Statement pieces are bright colorful pieces such as floral skirts and neon blouses. I’m always more willing to buy a basic piece if I’m in need of one because they can be worn daily.  If you are looking at a statement piece, make sure if fits the criteria of the rest of the guide.

What is your strategy when it comes to shopping smart? I would love to know!

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