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The Lyla in Desierto Fabrics

The Desierto is one of my favorite collections ever– and I don’t say that lightly. After a year spent indoors, I wanted to create dreamy garments that instantly make you feel better. So we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and created new designs with new fabrics.

The Desierto designs are more feminine and include intricate details we didn’t think were possible to do in-house. * Earlier this week on Instagram, I posted about how we were able to make the Oasis dresses in our studio since it isn’t an easy process.*

We found fabrics to match the Desierto design’s dreaminess — organic cotton gauze and tencel seersucker. These two fabrics made our new designs possible! Organic cotton double gauze is a beautiful lightweight fabric that perfectly holds its shape. It lightly grazes your body making it wonderful for summer weather. It’s available in black, white, cacao, terra, and agave. Tencel seersucker available in gingham is a new-to-me fabric that almost feels like raw silk. It drapes beautifully and has a slight crinkly texture. It definitely isn’t what you think of when you hear tencel!

Most of our garments are available in at least two fabrics! We had to split several garments into multiple product pages to accommodate all the fabric variants. The following garments are available in all three fabrics: Lyla crop, Cocoon Dress, Luna Wrap Dress and Sandia Midi.

Interested in seeing how the different fabrics look with the same garment? I took the Lyla crop out for a spin in organic cotton double gauze, linen, and tencel seersucker! If you’d like to see it in action, check out our Instagram reel!

Lyla in Gauze

I came across this organic cotton double gauze fabric last year and knew I had to add it to our Sotela lineup. It’s one of the softest and lightest fabrics we’ve ever used. Any light breeze will give this fabric movement. Double gauze is made up of two layers of fine gauze seamlessly tacked together making it opaque.

Shop the Lyla crop in Gauze

Lyla Crop in Linen

Our first iteration of the Lyla was introduced in 2016. We’ve since made several updates to the design, but have always stuck with linen. There is something about how it wears over time that makes it truly special. The linen in the Desierto collection is a heavier weight than previous years and has a luxe hand feel.

Shop the Lyla in linen

Lyla in Gingham

This fabric is a total game changer. Have you ever heard of a tencel seersucker!? It feels almost like raw silk with its soft, but slightly crinkly texture. This black and white 1/4″ tencel seersucker is the perfect subtle print to add to your wardrobe.

Shop the Lyla in gingham

So which is your favorite? I LOVE how the gingham Lyla feels. It honestly feels like silk!

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