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A Weekend Well Spent with Ecohabitude

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My weekends usually consist of errands such as grocery shopping (farmer’s market for veggies, Sprouts for bulk items and Trader Joe’s for certain packaged items) and fun outdoor activities like riding my bike, hiking or exploring different neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Because we do so many different things, I always have to be dressed well enough to go from the grocery store to a restaurant in Pasadena.

Several weeks ago, Ecohabitude sent me leggings and a comfortable organic cotton top to wear around Los Angeles. The Axis top by Temperate was the epitome of what I look for in a weekend outfit because it is comfortable yet modern. I wore it to run errands and walk around Pasadena on a very hot day with my favorite coffee from Honey Lavender.

Sidenote: Most coffee shops will pour coffee into a reusable cup such as a mason jar. You just have to remember to bring it 😉 Zero waste for the win!

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The following day, J, my sister and I went for a bike ride around my neighborhood. I never thought I’d like colored leggings, but I’m digging how these Pashen Leggings look. It is a nice change to wear leggings that aren’t black AND are made with organic cotton. You can really tell the difference in quality because 1) they are not transparent; 2) they are slimming since they aren’t too thin and 3) they are sturdy. When I say they are sturdy, trust me, because I took a pretty bad fall on my bike and nothing happened to these leggings!

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Ecohabitude is an incredible resource for conscious consumers because everything is categorized with ‘eco-tags.’ Say you are looking for a top that is made of recycled materials, you can click on the recycled eco-tag and every item that has recycled fabric will pop up. It makes shopping even easier if you are looking for an item with specific sustainable components such as ethically made and cruelty free.

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