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An Ode to Fast Fashion

This post was originally published on Good On You.

It’s Fashion Revolution Week, so let’s take a moment to pen a love letter to Fashion.

1. I hate the way you come and go and change with every season. Why I bought those baggy overalls last summer: I’ve forgotten the reason.

2. I hate the way you’re hot and cold, I can never win. I threw out my flares in 2012 and now the 70s are back in?

3. I hate the way you make me worry about how I might be seen. ‘12 bras you need in your lingerie drawer,’ my god, where have I been?

4. I hate the way I depend on you to feel good through my day. Once I’ve picked my outfit the hardest part is out of the way!

5. I hate the way you cost so much, logic splits at the seams. Did it really cost $300 to make those leather-look jeans?

6. I hate the way you fall apart, cheap stitching comes undone. I say it again; ‘that’s the last time I’m shopping at Forever 21’.

7. I hate the way you hide your secrets, and never let me pry. Were there any toxic chemicals used in the way my handbag was dyed?

8. I hate how you treat your garment workers, their rights fading away. You pay them next to nothing as they labour seven days.

9. I hate how it’s the brands I love whose ethics I can’t stand: my fresh new pair of Nikes sewn by malnourished children’s hands.

10. I hate that this is how it is: child labour, poisons, pollution. Our brand-driven economy makes too much money to embrace sustainable solutions.

I hate how no one talks about you and what you truly are. Why should we care when our distance from those sweatshops is so far?

I’m just one person in a fast-fashion world, I guess I’ll just keep wishing. If only I could find a tool to inform my buying decisions and help me take action…

Good On You is the tool of the future, rating 900+ of your favourite brands for their impact on people, the planet and animals.

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