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Back To School: Ethical Backpacks

Ethical Backpacks

Image Via: Stone & Cloth

Recently, I’ve seen a shift in fashion from impractical and uncomfortable to functional and versatile. I think it may have started with the comeback of sneakers or the rise in athletic wear, but people are now focusing on wearing what feels good instead of only being concerned with what looks good. Backpacks were often only associated with school and traveling, but now I see more people using them as diaper bags and purses.

More often than not, I find myself wishing I had a backpack to carry everything because purses are tiring! If you have a camera you lug around, like I do, then you add about 2 pounds to your already heavy load.

Ethical backpacks aren’t hard to come by these days. There are so many companies selling bags, totes and backpacks at different price ranges that will fit your budget.

These are my backpack picks for all of you functional people out there 😉

Ethically Made BackpacksGray Everlane  Backpack: Who doesn’t love Everlane’s sleek and modern designs? At $68 this backpack has a padded interior laptop compartment.  * Here is my referral link if you decide to join Everlane and shop. I get a $25 gift card 🙂

Green Esperos Backpack: This $89 canvas backpack is wide enough to hold your laptop in a padded compartment, books and everything else you need. With every bag sold, Esperos provides education to a child in need.

White Humble & Hilo Backpack: This backpack is probably one of the most versatile because it includes two stroller straps so that you can attach it to your stroller. At $159 it can be your diaper bag and backpack.

Striped Stone & Cloth Backpack: This particular backpack is unfortunately unavailable, but I still wanted to include Stone & Cloth because they are coming out with a new line of backpacks on August 25th. The purchase of a backpack provides a child with 25 hours of classroom learning.

Mustard O My Bag Backpack: O My Bag creates ethically made backpacks with eco-friendly fabrics. This backpack is the largest of the ones shown above and costs $196.

Red Baggu Backpack: The most budget friendly backpack of the bunch, this red backpack costs $38. There are many colors to choose from and is made with 100% recycled cotton canvas.

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