Black History Month Part II

Welcome to the second installment of the Black History Month list! This week, I will share artists with beautiful and inspiring artwork. I encourage you to support their work in any way you can!


1.Liana Farmer @bylianarae – Liana is one of the few artists who hand paints each order! She uses earthy colors, which you know I love. 

2. Reyna Noriega – @reynanoriega_ – Reyna is an Afro-latina visual artist and educator. Her colorful artwork is inspired by her culture and experiences. 

3. Melissa Koby @mkoby_ – Melissa has some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen. I have one of her prints in my studio! 

4. Elan Byrd @elanbyrd – Elan is a multidisciplinary artist that explores the connection between earth and natural fibers.

5. Morgan Harper Nichols @morganharpernichols – I feel like most people know who Morgan is because of her art and words. She is an artist and a poet. I love everything she does!

6. Shae @sheisthisdesigns – Shae illustrates women of all colors and has beautiful prints for sale on her site! 

7. Tactile Matter @tactilematter – Kenesha is a multidisciplinary artist whose works speaks to the Black female experience. 

For more resources, check out last week’s post with Black educators and content creators. If you are looking for brands to support, check out this post with BIPOC makers.

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