Black History Month

Artwork by Melissa Koby

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and amplify Black voices. For so long, Black artists, creators, makers, poets, writers, and icons have been silenced. We (non-Black people) have so much to learn and understand about the systemic racism that has withheld the contributions of Black Americans. 

It’s the first time I’m truly learning about Black history and how it began. The textbook narrative I was taught only highlighted several key figures in history while dismissing everyone else. I was taught the Black history that focused on pain and suffering, rather than the whole experience. It’s up to us to change that by learning, unlearning, diversifying our social groups, listening, and supporting the Black community. 

Let this February be unlike any before.

Let’s celebrate Black lives and Black joy. 

Let’s be an ally not just in February, but everyday of the year. 

For the month of February, I will send weekly newsletters that highlight Black individuals and makers who you can follow and support. My hope isn’t to educate you about Black History Month, because I’m certainly not the expert, but to share resources, makers, and influential humans I’ve found on Instagram. 

One of the best ways to be an ally is by supporting. Please consider following, sharing, and purchasing from the makers and creators highlighted in our Black History Month newsletters. 

This week’s theme is focused on educators and content creators. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a few of the individuals who I’ve found to be very informative. Several are also hosting challenges this month to learn something new every day of February. 

Educators / Content Creators 

Nicole Cardoza: IG @nicoleacardoza founder of Anti-Racism Daily (highly recommend signing up for the daily newsletter this month) 

Amanda: IG @arborandwood Amanda is a writer that is currently tackling a new topic every day of Black History month. 

Monique Melton IG: @moemotivate Monique is an educator and author with a 21-day challenge, to build a daily practice of anti-racism by pursuing Black liberation. She also has many other courses on her website! 

Ericka Hart IG: @ihartericka Ericka is a sex educator and racial/social/gender disruptor. They are hosting a series this month with a guest speaker each day teaching a different aspect of Black history. 

Leah Thomas: IG @greengirlleah Leah is an intersectional environmentalist tackling the intersections of social and environmental justice. 

Rachel Ricketts: IG @iamrachelricketts Rachel is an racial justice educator and spiritual activist.She just wrote a book, “Do Better” which discusses how to fight and heal from white supremacy. 

Brittney Packnett Cunningham: IG @mspackyetti Brittany is an activist, educator and writer with a new podcast called Undistracted. 

Rachel Cargle: IG @rachel.cargle Rachel is a writer and social entrepreneur. She has a Black History Month series with new prompts each day.

The Conscious Kid IG @theconsciouskid is a parenting and educational resource through a Critical Race lens. It’s a great resource for parents! 

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