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BTS: Meet Monet, Sotela’s Newest Pattern-Cutter

It certainly isn’t easy hiring during a global pandemic, but I’m so glad we found Monet when we did! Before Covid-19, we listed a job opening for a pattern-cutting position. We stopped looked during the safer-at-home order since we were spending most of our time at home. Our previous pattern-cutter went on maternity leave in March and moved to Washington in May. We had a temporary pattern-cutter working on weekends while we found someone new and could safely return to the studio.

I wasn’t really looking for a replacement when Monet happened to email me. I knew we needed someone soon, but I felt like it would be too difficult to make a decision during Covid. However, one FaceTime interview later and I knew she would be the perfect fit. She began working right after we went back to the studio full-time. I’m so excited to introduce you to Sotela’s newest addition!

What is your job position here at Sotela?

At Sotela, I work as a pattern- cutter.

How long have you worked at Sotela?

My first day at Sotela was 21 May 2020 :] 

How and where did you learn how to cut patterns?

My experience learning how to cut patterns comes from a combination of online courses, self teaching and on site training! :] 

What is your favorite thing about working at Sotela?

Amo a las mujeres con que yo trabajo. Me encanta escuchar y hablar en español también. Me encantan las conversaciones de diseño! 

Translation: I love the women I work with. I particularly enjoy listening and speaking Spanish. My favorite conversations are about design and how to fix garments.

What are your favorite garments at Sotela?

Ryan Trouser in Sand rolled up a tad at the hem, Lima Jumpsuit in Black and Pomelo Button up in Sand tucked into my Levis! :] 

What is your favorite food?

I favor and savor homemade chickpea belgium waffles topped with creamy salted peanut butter and fresh raspberry jam. 

What do you like to do during your free time?

I feel my best when I spend free time with several walks, fitness, dancing, reading books and inviting in relationships throughout the week. I enjoy spending time unlocking creativity and investing in learning. Some of my favorite moments have been spent with my husband, a glass of Cab Sauv all while reading a book outside. 

What’s the farthest you’ve been from home? 

The summer of 2008 is forever cherished. My trip to Paris, France. 

How do you begin your day?

Each morning, the first thing I enjoy doing is brushing my teeth then heading out for a walk :] 

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