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Building a Conscious Closet: Summer Wish List

It really feels like the ethical fashion world has grown exponentially within the last year! There are so many great companies that are transparent about their production and supply chain that it is even easier to buy ethically made clothes.You could help stop what is happening around the world so that another tragedy like Rana Plaza doesn’t happen again.

I know that shopping ethically can be more expensive, but you could end up spending the same amount if you keep having to buy cheaply made clothes. For example, if you buy a new t-shirt from Target for $5 you may have to buy another one in a year or two when it shrinks or gets destroyed beyond repair. Instead of buying the same shirt repeatedly because it is poorly made, buy a t-shirt from Everlane that costs $15 and is made with Supima Cotton (the most superior cotton) AND made in Los Angeles.  The clothes you buy at the mall are cheap for a reason…

Buy less, buy better quality and buy what you really love.

Ethical Picks

There are only a few items on my summer wish list because I already have the basics such as jean shorts, comfortable tees and several dresses. This summer, I’m focusing on chambray and accessories to enhance my outfits like a Panama hat, crossbody purse and clogs (!!).

Cuyana panama hat: I’m pretty sure I will be wearing this hat all summer long. It is the perfect accessory to wear from day to night and it protects your skin from the sun!

Reformation chambray cut-out dress: I probably won’t get this dress, but a girl can dream, right? I love all of Reformation’s dresses.

Everlane chambray shift dress: This dress looks beyond comfortable and is perfect for any occasion.

Angela Roi crossbody purse via Shop Ethica: My old H&M crossbody purse is starting to peel and look disheveled so I figured it was time for a new one. This purse is vegan and made in ethical conditions!

Lotta From Stockholm Clogs: Purchasing clogs definitely solidifies my love for 70’s fashion. I think clogs are pretty timeless considering they’ve been around for decades.

What is on your summer wish list?

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