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Building a Conscious Closet: Where to Shop

Building a Conscious Closet

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Since starting my sustainable clothing journey, I’ve come across so many great brands that offer different styles of clothes at various prices. I hope you don’t get discouraged because prices are significantly higher than clothes at the mall, but they will last you many years.

I justify the high costs of eco/ethical clothes by knowing 1) I’m not harming the environment; 2) workers involved are being treated fairly; and 3) I won’t have to buy clothes every couple of months because mine are ripped or stained past repair. I have several pieces in my closet that are my absolute favorite and were from either thrift stores or eco/ethical brands.

I’ve mentioned several brands on Gold Polka Dots that have some of the best eco/ethical clothes out there, but thought it was time to write them all in a list! This will definitely make your eco/ethical shopping experience easier, and again, I am always here to help!

Budget Basics

Krochet Kids
People Tree
Threads for Thought
Green Room Asos
H&M Conscious (hesitant about including this one because not all pieces are organic cotton or recycled)

Statement Pieces
Amour Vert 
The Reformation 
Emerson Fry 
Elizabeth Suzann 
 In God We Trust 
 Accompany Us
Rag and Bone
Maggy Frances 

Flint and tinder
Left Field NYC
John Elliot & Co
Noble Denim

Workout Wear
Evolve Fitwear
Wear it to Heart

Sseko Designs

I will keep adding to this list when I come across more eco/ethical brands. I will also make this list a static page at the top of Gold Polka Dots so that you won’t have to scroll to find it. It may seem daunting looking at every brand, but my personal favorites that I have mentioned many times are Seamly, Everlane, Ethica, Amour Vert and Reformation. Check them out and if you have a question of where to buy a specific item, don’t hesitate to comment below or email!

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