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Building a Conscious Closet: Wishlist Worksheet

I started creating a more conscious closet during my first year of grad school. J proposed after a year of dating, which meant I had to start saving for our wedding. Having a part-time internship didn’t provide too much of an extra income for shopping so I only bought what I needed. There is a distinct difference between things we want and things we need. It took me about 22 years to realize the difference and another two to start acting on it.

The other day, my mom asked if I wanted her to buy me boots for my birthday. Even though I would love to have more boots, it isn’t exactly what I need. I have two pairs of booties and a pair of over the knee boots I hardly wear. This is when I turn to the wishlist I have been creating/revising since last year. I literally have a note in my phone that is titled wishlist and have been writing things I would like to buy.

My wishlist consists of items I need AND want that will round out my closet. My goal is to create a closet with eco/ethical items that fit me and my style. Creating a conscious closet means having less clothes that you will wear more frequently. Less is more!

So  on to the fun stuff! Here is a venn diagram worksheet I created to help you build your conscious closet! The items in the middle that fall under the want and need categories will make up your wishlist. I usually buy or ask for items on my wishlist when I have extra shopping money or during the holidays and birthday.

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How do you create a shopping wishlist? And if you haven’t already, what would be the first item on your wishlist? My wishlist are items from my fall wardrobe post!

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