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Building a Conscious Closet: Ethical Picks for Spring

Is it spring yet!? I’m looking forward to wearing dresses, jean shorts and my Everlane tees without a sweater or jacket. Since October, I haven’t shopped for clothes because I haven’t been in the mood. I guess I’m finally at the point where I feel like I really don’t need more. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I want to buy a particular item, like the pieces in today’s ethical picks graphic, but for the most part I don’t pull the trigger because I don’t really need any of these items. I also haven’t had an “I don’t have anything to wear” day in a while because I’ve been building my closet with timeless pieces that fit my style.

Timeless pieces are items you know you will always love like the Seamly cardigan or thrifted dress. It is important to buy items that meet the want vs. need requirement and your style.  When shopping, always ask:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. How many different ways can I wear this piece?
  3. Does this fit my style and how often will I realistically wear it?
  4. Do I feel damn good wearing it?

If you answer yes to every question and more than one for #2, then you should definitely buy it!

Today’s ethical picks are what I consider timeless pieces that are great for spring and summer.

ethical picks for spring

Blue Tunic This versatile dress could go from day to night with the right shoes and accessories. Flats or sandals with a floppy hat for a day look or strappy sandals with a clutch for night. And I love that it is blue.

Brown Bucket Bag: I love bucket bags because they are the perfect in between for crossbody purses and totes. I don’t like carrying my tote all the time because it gets so heavy, but there isn’t much I can fit in my crossbody either. This bag is also vegan so that is pretty cool too.

Grey Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits! Need I say more? They are the perfect outfit if you usually have a hard time picking a top AND bottom. They cut your getting ready time in half and can also be casual or dressy depending on your shoes (sandals, heels or booties).

Floral Dress: The dress is one of the many showstoppers Reformation has to offer. I took about 30 minutes choosing this particular dress because there are SO MANY beautiful dresses to choose from. I mainly chose it because it is floral, black and under $300. Yes, the price is a tad steep, but if you wear it for the next 5-10 years it will be worth it. Floral dresses don’t go out of style, especially when they have a feminine cut.

Striped Tee Dress: I’m surprised I don’t have a striped t-shirt dress considering I have like 10 striped shirts. This one is another classic that will never go out of style. It always looks put together and you can dress it up or down with lipstick, animal print and shoes.

Sandals: Aren’t these sandals beautiful!? I was so close to buying them last week because they aren’t completely flat (I have bad plantar fasciitis) and have an ankle strap, which is very flattering. Ankle strap sandals go well with every outfit making them a timeless piece. *** These shoes are not vegan, but are ethically made, which is my first priority on Gold Polka Dots. 

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