California Winter

Happy Valentine’s Day!! It is a complete coincidence that I am wearing a pink sweater in today’s post since this really is my California winter ‘go to’ outfit. I didn’t plan for it to be posted on Valentine’s Day, but I guess it worked out!

I am a total wimp when it comes to the cold even though it doesn’t go below 60 degrees on a California winter day. J and I went to an amusement park this past weekend I knew I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself if I were cold. It actually wasn’t too bad, but I still was over prepared with my sweater, fleece lined leggings and knee high boots.

If you don’t have fleece lined leggings, I suggest you buy a pair. Even if leggings aren’t your style, you can spruce up your pajamas and wear them at home since they are basically form fitting sweats. I’ve even worn them under pants at work since I sit right below the air conditioner.

Gold Polka Dots - Sweater and knee high boots
Sweater and knee high boots 4
Gold Polka Dots - Sweater and knee high boots 2
Gold Polka Dots - Sweater and knee high boots 3

Sweater dress (similar)
Boots (similar)

*Update: In 2014, I pledged to stop buying from fast fashion stores and only buy ethically made clothing. Read more about my decision here

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