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Color Blocking 101

orange and cobalt heels 1
Orange dress and Cobalt heel
Orange and cobalt heels 5
Orange and Cobalt heels 4

I have always loved color and try to incorporate into every outfit.  Orange and blue is one of my favorite color combinations that I wear often because of its vibrancy. This outfit is the epitome of color blocking and today, we will talk about how I choose colorful outfits!

My husband’s cousin asked me couple months ago how to wear colorful outfits. I briefly told her that anything paired with blue would look great because blue is a primary color. However, there is a whole theory that can help you choose color schemes.

To start off the color blocking lesson, let’s refer to the color wheel!


By looking at the color wheel, you can see how color schemes are created based on where they are placed. There are three main schemes I follow that help me with choosing colors.

Complementary: Colors that are complementary, meaning they are across from each other, go well together. Blue and orange are complementary colors, which is why it is one of my favorite color combinations and the reason for this post!

Monochromatic: Remember this color blocked outfit? My sweater and pants are both blue, but different hues. Wearing different hues of the same color is monochromatic and also a great way to choose an outfit.

Analogous: Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are analogous. If I had worn my yellow purse with this orange dress then it would have been an analogous outfit.

Hopefully knowing these three types of color schemes helps you when choosing to colorblock!

Which color scheme would you be willing to try and with what colors?

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