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Conscious Gift Guide: For the Home

Gifts for the home don’t have to just be blenders or mixers, friends (even though those would be great too). They can be bright décor items that bring color to your home. This conscious gift guide is for that special woman who you have no idea what to buy like your mother, in-laws or friends.

Conscious Gift Guide: For the Home

 Sugar and Creamer Set  |  Cable Knit Throw | Red Pillow |  Beige Pillow | Soap Gift Set | Kitchen Hand Towels | Storage Basket | Bowls

If you are thinking, “Would she really want something for her home for Christmas?”  The answer is yes. Most of the time, home decor is last on the priority list of things to buy. Even though I would love to have my house fully decorated, I choose to buy other things instead that I feel are more like a necessity. If you feel like picking a color or style is too hard, go with something classic like the ivory cable knit throw.

I found these items from websites that have tons of cute things for your home.  The best part is that most of these items are affordable. Pillows can get really expensive, especially handmade pillows, but these two are under $40. I highly suggest spending some time on these websites because you can find affordable eco/ethically made products!

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