Day to night in the Lisbon Wrap

The Lisbon is our most versatile piece because it can be worn so many different ways! I’ve worn it with jeans, shorts, wide-leg pants, and these high-waisted Ryan trousers. Wearing it from day to night is as easy as turning the Lisbon around and changing your shoe. The less decisions you have to make the better. Am I right!?

Outfit 1: My Everyday Work Look

This is my everyday coffee shop work outfit. It’s easy, breathable, and ridiculously comfortable. I love how the Lisbon elevates this outfit compared to the usual t-shirts I wear with the Ryan trousers. Forgot to show how it looks tucked in, but I’ll post it on Instagram stories and save it under highlights for you to see!

Note: I added a snap closure to my top as well to keep it from opening too much. If you want a snap added to your top, just let me know at checkout!*

Top: Lisbon Wrap in size 1

Pants: Ryan Trousers in size 1 short

Shoes: Birkenstock Madrid Style

Outfit 2: Going out to dinner

Wearing my Lisbon with the ties in back is my go-to when I want to feel fancy. I’ve worn it to go dancing with the Barcelona shorts and to dinner with the Ryan trousers. Today, I wore the Lisbon with my Everlane wide-leg pants and loved how the two colors looked together. **You can see the outfit under my OOTD Instagram stories highlights!

If you are worried about your bra peeking out in the back, here is a tutorial to tie the shirt around your bra 😉

Top: Lisbon Wrap in size 1

Pants: Ryan Trousers in size 1 short

Shoes: Nisolo Oxfords

There are only a few Ryan trousers left in stock! Once they are gone, they are gone for good! We are designing a new pant for our next collection!

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