Dressing for the In-Between

California really only has two seasons; winter and summer. I realize our winter is more of a fall, especially in southern California, but there are days when you need to layer.

This week is one of those weeks and I’m reaching for multiple layers. It is in the low 60’s and pretty cold for our standards.¬†Ironically, I’m reaching for dresses because I can wear them with pants and still be able to breastfeed.

Finding transitional outfits can be tricky because you are trying to dress for two seasons. It is too warm to wear winter clothes, but too cold to wear light spring pieces.

Here are some tips I keep in mind when I’m looking for an outfit when the weather hits the low 60’s:

  1. Dress over pants is a great go-to outfit
  2. Layer light pieces so you are warm, but not hot
  3. Make sure layers aren’t too bulky because it makes adding a sweater or jacket impossible

My in-between outfit is a combination of two Sotela pieces that satisfy all three of the above. The Eve tunic and Ryan trouser are both light enough on their own, but together provide some warmth.


I’ve worn this outfit before with leggings and it was just okay. I love how the Ryan trousers elevate this uber comfortable look because it provides some drape without being overly skinny or bulky.

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