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Eco-Conscious and Ethical Picks for the Summer

Shopping for eco-conscious and ethical clothes are not cheap or easy to find! It takes a budget and research to find what you want, which is why I try to make it easier with these inspiration collages. I also want to make it easier because I don’t want you to feel discouraged from trying to buy eco-conscious or ethical clothes.

Ethical clothes were those made in either the US or UK due to their stricter labor laws. There are many brands in department stores like Nordstroms that are American made. Buying clothes from different parts of the world such as Cambodia, Bangladesh, and China can be tricky because the majority are made under sweatshop conditions.

If a clothing company is transparent and ensures the condition of factories outside of the US or UK, it can still be considered ethical. Everlane, a budget friendly brand, works with factories in China, but is transparent about working conditions.

Being an informed consumer doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to be stylish. Trust me; I’m constantly researching new brands that fall within the ethical or eco-conscious categories. H&M and ASOS have eco-conscious lines with clothing made of reclaimed fabric or sustainable materials. ASOS also has affordable clothes manufactured in the UK.

Below are current brands/clothes that I’m lovin’!

Eco-FriendlySummer Pick (4)

BraceletWhite slip lace dress | White poplin shirt Red clutch | Bikini top Cut out dress Brown Tote| Yellow midi skirt| Embroidered top

These are the brands featured in today’s post:
The Little Market
Jane Hudson via Nordstroms
Hurley via Nordstroms
ASOS Green Room
Reformation: Los Angeles based
People Tree
Angela & Roi via Shop Ethica

My favorites are the Everlane Poplin shirt, Angela & Roi brown tote, Hurley bikini top and Krochet Kids clutch. Which are your favorites?

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