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Eco-Friendly Period Products That Won’t Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome

Last December, I wrote about the harmful effects of tampons and pads on your health and the environment and introduced the eco-friendly period product I’ve been using. I switched from conventional products like tampons and pads because they have been linked to causing Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Conventional tampons and pads are made with plastic, bleach, genetically-modified organisms and pesticide ridden cotton that are absorbed by your skin, the largest organ in your body.

Plastic chemicals can disrupt embryonic development, interfere with your hormones and are linked to heart disease and cancer. Bleach is used to whiten tampons, pads and even toilet paper (yep, that too). Chlorine bleach is extremely toxic and can pose serious health threats. Even though these toxins in a single tampon may be low, a woman may use 16,000 in her lifetime and there is no data on the health effects of the cumulative use of tampons.

The majority of cotton produced around the world contains pesticides as well as GMOs. Those GMOs will go into your bloodstream because the vaginal wall is highly permeable. It isn’t enough anymore to stay away from GMO foods…

Today, I’m sharing all of the eco-friendly period products on the market so that you don’t have to expose yourself to harmful toxins and chemicals.


With all that being said, I’ve used the Diva cup for the past 6 months and love it. It was a bit tricky to use the first time, but got easier by the following period. I’ve even convinced several friends and family members to use it and they prefer it over tampons. If you are still wary about using a cup, there are alternatives that are just as eco-friendly and safe.


The women behind Thinx created period-proof underwear that will keep you dry and smelling great. Each panty has a varying level of absorbency and protection. The hiphugger, which is for heavy days, contains four layers of fabric that wick moisture, fight bacteria, absorb two tampon’s worth of liquid and are leak resistant. For each panty you buy, money will be given to Ugandan women to sew and sell washable and reusable pads for girls to keep them in school during their periods. The only thing worth noting is that each panty is made with cotton, which may contain pesticides and GMOs.


Luna Panties

Similar to Thinx, Luna Panties have varying styles depending on absorbency and protection. The main difference is that the majority of Luna Panties are made with organic and natural fibers meaning no pesticides or GMO’s! Luna Pads’ website sells other period-proof underwear including PACT, which is fair trade, sweat-shop free and made from eco-friendly organic cotton.


 Reusable Cloth Pads

Cotton reusable pads have wings that snap around your underwear.  There are varying styles depending on absorbency level. I just bought Glad Rag panty liners for my light days when I don’t feel like wearing a cup. Cloth pads can be washed in the washing machine at the end of your cycle. You can either presoak or not prior to washing in the machine. Luna Pads and Glad Rags are the two brands I see often.



If you are still using conventional period products, take a look at these eco-friendly options

Have you tried any of these eco-friendly methods? Which are your favorite?

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