How to Elevate Your Sweatpants Outfit

Outfit 1: Work-Appropriate Sweatpants

That is the holy grail of life, right? Getting away with sweatpants in the office for maximum comfort on cold days. I remember those days when I managed to pull off leggings in the office and how accomplished I felt.

Make your sweatpants work-friendly by dressing it up on top and with the right accessories. A matching cardigan that is structured will give your outfit a more streamlined look. Wear those high heel boots and add lipstick to elevate the outfit.

My sister has already pulled off this work-appropriate sweatsuit in the office with zero complaints. She dressed it up with a button-shirt and oxfords.

The goal of work-appropriate sweatpants is to make the rest of the outfit tailored and polished.

Outfit Details:

Eileen Fisher Cape

Forest Cardigan Size 1

Everlane Pima Scoop Neck (secondhand)

Ryan Joggers in Fleece size 1P

Aquaitalia Carrie Boots

Outfit 2: Girls Night Sweatpants

This can be your catch-all outfit for all the events in between going to the office and farmers market.

Meeting the girls for drinks and a movie? Cue the Ryan Joggers. Make it night appropriate with a mid-sized sweater, red lips, and high heel boots.

I’ve worn this outfit at least 10 times this winter. This sweater is perfectly sized for all of my pants, but especially these joggers because it isn’t oversized. It keeps the outfit in proportion without making me look disheveled.

Outfit Details:

Solo Six Ever Crew

Ryan Joggers in Fleece Size 1P

Aquaitalia Carrie Boots

Outfit 3: Farmers Market Sweatpants

This is your typical running around and doing errands outfit. You have all the makings of a comfortable outfit that won’t get in the way of getting sh** done.

It will keep you warm, allow you to run around the farmers market, and will keep you looking good even in sweatpants.

The trick to wearing sweatpants in life is to make it look like you aren’t really wearing sweatpants. How you dress it up top makes all the difference!

I added a denim cropped jacket for visual interest. We all know that a hoodie and sweatpants works, but it isn’t polished enough. The cropped jacket makes it look less like I’m leaving the gym and more like this outfit was intentional.

Outfit Details:

Thrifted Cropped Denim Jacket

Everlane French Terry Cropped Hoodie

Ryan Joggers in Fleece size 1P

Nike sneakers

Another thing to note, sweatpants made in a fabric that is soft and clean (aka not fuzzy) is essential for making these outfits work! Our fleece is clean and structured on the outside and fuzzy on the inside.

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