Eco-Conscious Living

Ethically Made or Vegan?


Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about my new diet and how that may conflict with the blog. I didn’t think twice about calling myself vegan because I figured anyone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy is vegan. Well, being vegan means living a completely cruelty free lifestyle that ranges from cosmetics to clothes. In an ideal world, everything would be cruelty free that doesn’t just include animals, but also humans.

My biggest concerns about the vegan lifestyle are clothes and shoes that could have been made in sweatshops. There are plenty of vegan options out there, but how many were made by humans in decent conditions receiving living wages? It’s hard for me to imagine that a $40 purse was made by someone working in fair conditions when ethically made products are at least double the price. This is when the situation gets tricky and labels make it hard for someone to make a “right” decision because you either have to choose between humans trying to survive or innocent animals.

For that reason, I’m not going to call myself vegan and this blog will continue to be a hub for eco-conscious ideas and alternatives for clothes, food and cosmetics. I will try to find items that are both ethically made and vegan, but it is slim pickins when it comes to shoes. I’m still going to continue eating a meatless diet, but I will no longer put myself in the vegan label box or any label for that matter. I’m simply Hanna, an eco-conscious blogger that strives to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

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