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Fall Wish List Complete with Second Hand Items

Although my fall wish list was short, I still found both items I wanted from second hand stores. I honestly can’t stress how great second hand shopping can be. My greatest pleasure comes from the fact I’m giving life to an unwanted item. I’m not creating more demand by buying it or using energy and water. It also ensures that I’m not harming anyone or the environment in the process. I think we forget simple things like the person who made our clothes or the person who grew our food. Buying second hand makes me feel like I’m not taking that person who made my clothes for granted because I’m finding new life for it.Fall Wish List Complete with Second Hand Items

I was originally going to post about my outfit details (yawn), but decided to take this opportunity to elaborate why buying second hand is good and why it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Like I mentioned above, buying second hand clothing is great because it is budget friendly, you will mostly find what you need and you are helping the environment. However, you could be harming the second hand industry!
Fall Wish List Complete with Second Hand Items Fall Wish List Complete with Second Hand ItemsFall Wish List Complete with Second Hand Items1. Don’t Buy Single Use Items   This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves because it is so wasteful! Buying clothing you will only wear once from a second hand store isn’t doing anyone a favor because it may not even go back to a store, but a landfill. Most of the items we donate, are given to charities or shipped overseas to developing nations. If you are going to an ugly sweater party, be creative and make one with things you have at home. You can tie ribbons on your sweater or wrap yourself in Christmas lights!

2. Donating Clothes Shouldn’t be Seen as Your Good Deed  Don’t get me wrong, donating clothes is way better than throwing them away, but most people use this reasoning to buy more. Leah from Stylewise blog said it best, “For many, second hand shopping operates as a guilt release valve for over-consumption. People don’t feel bad about buying new stuff because they know they can hand over all their old stuff to charity.”

3. Donate Clothes That are Still in Good Condition  I find that some people think second hand stores want their tattered clothing. If you didn’t want that item because it has holes, why would anyone else? Try to find new life for it by refashioning it into children’s clothes, jewelry, headbands, rugs, dog toys or use them as kitchen rags.

Shift dress: Crossroads Trading Co. 

Hat: Cuyana 

Clogs: Dansko (made in Italy)
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