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Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24, 2013, an eight-story factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing 1,134 people. It took 90 seconds for Rana Plaza to collapse and is now known as the “deadliest unintended structural failure of modern times.” The overcrowded building housed at least five garment factories where they were pushed to fulfill contracts even though cracks had appeared on the building the day before. Bangladesh is the world’s second largest garment producer where wages, employment benefits, health and safety, are as low as possible. The Rana Plaza collapse is a tragedy that could unfortunately happen again if we continue supporting fast-fashion chains who quickly produce millions of cheap clothes in unsafe garment factories.

Fashion Revolution is a global coalition of individuals calling for a reform in the garment industry by questioning the supply chain. When you buy clothes, do you ever wonder who made them? I know that I never thought about the person who made my clothes, how much they were paid and if they have enough to eat. There are thousands of garment workers who are starving even with a job in the garment industry because they simply don’t get paid enough. Rubina, a 19 year old Bangladeshi woman, was threatened to not get paid for an entire month if she didn’t go work on April 24th before the collapse. She and other workers were worried about the visible cracks on the building, but didn’t want to risk not getting paid so they continued to work.

Tomorrow, April 24th, 2015, is the second annual Fashion Revolution Day. There are so many things you can do to participate starting with evaluating your closet and seeing who made your clothes. You will find that most of your clothes are made in either Bangladesh, Cambodia, Taiwan or China. If you want to make a statement tomorrow, wear your shirt inside out so the tags are visible, post a photo on social media tagging the brand and ask #whomademyclothes. If people tell you your clothes are inside out, just let them know you are participating in Fashion Revolution Day and bringing awareness to the harmful effects of the fashion industry.

 I will post my photo tomorrow on Instagram.

Fashion Revolution Day 1 Fashion Revolution Day

What do you plan on doing tomorrow for Fashion Revolution Day? I would love to know in the comments section below.

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