Forget Resolutions and Find Alignment Instead

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If you listen to The Lively Show or Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, then you are familiar with the term ‘alignment.’ Jess and Oprah use that term to explain when one’s behaviors and actions are aligned with their intuition or soul. When one is aligned with their intuition, everything flows together beautifully and you create magic on a daily basis. However, if you are out of alignment, it may feel like you are fish swimming upstream. You tend to have more self-doubt and let negativity creep in quickly.

The first time I felt alignment was in 2016. I started listening to The Lively show podcast and immediately fell in love with the idea of the ego and intuition. Jess clarifies that the ego she alludes to is the negative part of our brain which is different from the Freudian definition. Anyway, the ego is really good in telling us all of our shortcomings and it keeps us in this perpetual state of fear and self-doubt. When you are aligned with your intuition, you can easily ignore the ego work alongside your intuition to find success. In 2016, my success was quitting my full-time job as an urban planner and launching Sotela’s Kickstarter campaign. I don’t think I would’ve made those huge life-changing decisions if I wasn’t aligned with my intuition.

However, since getting pregnant and having a baby, I’ve felt out of alignment. There’s something about growing a human and keeping her safe and happy that changes a person (ha!). I don’t think I’ve been out of alignment this entire past year, but there were moments when I’ve especially felt that way. I can usually tell when the self-doubt and negative talk start to creep in on a regular basis. Just this morning, I questioned myself with Sotela because things have been slow since the launch. My ego tells me things are slow because the collection is a flop, while my intuition tells me its slow because of the holiday season, which is not a reflection of the pieces.

So now that I’ve recognized I’m not aligned with my intuition, I’m going to work my way back into that happy place so I can create magic 😉 I’m so much happier when I’m aligned and working in that positive space.

My focus for 2018 will be finding alignment through the 5 things below that I know makes me feel better.

Here’s how that looks:

  1. Getting ready in the mornings– Taking a shower changing out of my pajamas does wonders for my mood.
  2. Meditation– Spending at least 10 minutes a day meditating.
  3. Exercise/yoga
  4. Podcasts– I get so inspired by podcasts that focus on personal growth!
  5. Writing to my intuition – I’m going to use Jess’ template to write to my intuition every time I feel out of alignment.

My hope will be to do these five things for at least 21 days so that it becomes a habit!

What do you do to find alignment?

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