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Etsy Art under $45
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If I had an unlimited budget, I would fill my house with all kinds of art and photography. I think a house becomes a home when the walls are filled with art that evoke emotion. A gallery wall is the perfect place to display artwork in a home especially in the living room.

The wall left of my couch, which is the first wall you see when you walk in my living room is pretty sad and empty right now. We don’t have any art and being on a budget doesn’t make it too easy to put a gallery wall together, which is why all of these paintings and prints are under $45! Gotta love Etsy..

If you feel like putting your creativity to the test and saving some money, here are some DIY wall art tutorials that are pretty awesome!

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If you don’t know what a gallery wall is, this is an example with a mix of painting and prints without looking too busy.

gallery wall inspiration

Via: Glitter Guide

Finding the perfect balance between covering enough of your wall and looking too busy is difficult, but starting with a few paintings and prints of different sizes can make it easier. Choosing art in the same color scheme will also give your gallery wall a more cohesive look. All of the Etsy art I picked either has black, white, gold or blue with hints of pink and red. I plan on using this color scheme throughout my house.

If that llama print didn’t already make it obvious, I am by no means an artsy person. I just know what I like and what makes me happy. I absolutely love llamas and sloths. I tried to squeeze a sloth print in my gallery wall inspiration, but figured one animal was enough. Plus the sloth prints I’ve seen didn’t have red heart shaped glasses.

And just for fun, here is a picture of me and a llama when I went to Peru two years ago..

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