Eco Fashion Inspiration Tips

Get the Look with Sustainable Clothes


1.  White Tee
2. Chambray Shirt
3. Leggings
4. Camel Coat
5. Black Clutch

When I first started this blog, I had no idea I would be here promoting eco/ethical clothes. I didn’t really know it existed. I remember telling J, several months after starting the blog, that I felt like I was just promoting materialism and didn’t see the point in outfit posts. There were so many days where I wanted to quit because of the pressure I felt to buy new clothes. I honestly don’t know how so many fashion bloggers do it because clothes aren’t cheap and can take up so much space in your home.

I knew there had to be a different way, which compelled me to look up sustainability and the fashion industry. I read so many articles about the harmful effects of the fashion industry and sweatshops that exploit individuals that I knew I had to change.

I was definitely scared to make the change because I thought it meant I wouldn’t buy clothes ever again. Even though my shopping is at a fraction of what it used to be, I still love to buy clothes when I need to and Pinterest is the best tool to help solidify my style.

Whoever created Pinterest is a genius because it makes defining your style easy.The fun part though is creating the same outfit on Pinterest with only eco/ethical options. To find each item, I looked at the websites I listed last week to recreate the same look. These items are wardrobe essentials especially for the fall and winter! 

Chambray shirts, tees and leggings are staples in my closet this season. Just add some boots/booties and you are all set!

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