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GUESS WHAT!? I’m Launching a Clothing Line!

Via: A Pair & A Spare

I can’t believe I’m finally telling you that I’m launching a clothing line.  It feels good to finally tell everyone that I will have my own company with clothes that are ethically made in the USA and with eco-friendly fabrics. I’m still in the beginning stages, but things are moving along thanks to the Factory45 accelerator program I’ve currently been in since March.

Sotela  is the answer to a closet where nothing fits and the time wasted trying to find something that does. Our outfits
span multiple sizes, clearing up the clutter and chaos of morning routines. Our pieces are eco-friendly and will be made in the USA, no exceptions.

We think every outfit you own should be bold, comfortable, and make you look and feel amazing. We think these styles should last, even if your body changes a little along the way (because let’s be honest, it will). And we think that the daily search for something to wear should be less of a chore. So you have time to focus on
what really matters.

Sotela is a clothing brand for women, by women.

We understand that when sizes change, styles shouldn’t have to.
We think simple can be bold. And most importantly, we believe that every morning routine should end with amazing.

Sotela will be launching next year! Sign up to get sneak peeks of our designs and to see when we launch our Kickstarter campaign!

**For those of you wondering about Gold Polka Dots, it will soon be Sotela’s blog. I will still post weekly and content will remain the same. The only change will be the name!

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  • Sabrina Fung

    The is incredible news! Can’t wait for Sotela!

    • Hanna @ Gold Polka Dots

      Yay!!! Thanks, Sabrina!! And thank you for signing up for the Sotela newsletter!

  • Taylor @ day22 boutique

    This is amazing! Congratulations! I’m so happy that Factory45 exists – it’s so important that we have more availability of these products. I will be hopping on this train hopefully in the next year or two! 🙂 Super excited to follow along with your journey! Good luck!

    Taylor Layne

    • Hanna @ Gold Polka Dots

      Thank you, Taylor!! Factory45 has been such a huge help! I couldn’t have done it without Shannon’s support and guidance. Yay! So excited for you 🙂 🙂

  • Erica Merced

    I’m so excited to see the clothes! i loveeee the outfits you pick! Congrats!

    • Hanna @ Gold Polka Dots

      Thanks, Erica!!!! I’m pretty excited about it! I’m currently designing and will be moving on to production soon 🙂

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