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What Happens When You Get Vulnerable

In an Instagram stories post, I talked about getting vulnerable at a Bossladies worksesh last week. Chelsea, the founder of Bossladies magazine and worksesh, asked us all the question, “What is the one thing you want to do this year that if you don’t do, you will regret?” Some pretty heavy stuff for a Tuesday morning, right? After giving it some thought and tears, two things came to mind-

  1. Not dedicating more time to Sotela
  2. Not growing Sotela

Obviously, they go hand-in-hand. If I don’t dedicate more time to Sotela, it won’t grow. All the simple tasks I used to do take double the time. I started writing this post 2 hours ago and have moved three times to accommodate a sleepy babe. I’ve been fortunate to be at home with Olivia these past 6 months, but her needs are only growing and my “free time” is quickly dwindling. Not to mention, it’s hard being creative on little sleep. I started designing my next collection a month ago, but haven’t looked at my drawings or fabric swatches since.

I’m going to dedicate more time to Sotela by investing in childcare several days a week. It’s something I’ve thought about for the past several months, but have been too scared to actually pull the trigger. I kept thinking, “I can do it,” and I certainly can do it, but at the cost of something else. I can’t do everything at a 100%. It takes a village!

And with my dedicated Sotela time, I’m going to grow the shit out of this company. This year (and every following year) will be a time of growth.  I can feel it in my bones that I’ll do big things with this company. It’s only been a year and a half and it has grown, but can be much bigger.

When I say growth, I don’t only mean financially, although that would be amazing, but also in how many women I reach. I’m working to make Sotela an inclusive brand that celebrates females in all their glory and provides a community for women of different ages, sizes and colors.

I started this shift with our Everyday woman shoot, which will show our products on different sized women. Next, I’m going to work on increasing our sizing for future collections. Our size 3 only goes up to a size 12-14. I’m brainstorming on how to improve our sizing which means either adding a size 0 and 4 or doing the whole size range (0-20).

There are a ton of things in the works to grow this idea of inclusion. I’m looking at branding, messaging, and all that good stuff. So if you know anyone that can help a sister out, let me know 😉

All that to say that when you get vulnerable, you also get immense clarity. I now know what I need to do and how to do it. I couldn’t do it without my amazing community. So thank you. I’ve felt an amazing outpour of love at the Bossladies worksesh as well as on Instagram. Community is so important, especially when you are an entrepreneur, mom, and human.

Here’s to a year of growth!

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