The High Low Skirt

This high low skirt is one of my favorites and not only because it was $5 at Nordstrom’s Rack, but also its color, pleats and length. When the high low trend started couple of years ago, I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon. I was on the fence because some high low skirts can look tacky. This skirt, however, was different because of its length and pleats.

To make this skirt more winter (in California standards) friendly, I added a cropped sweater that I have wanted to wear since 2010. Yep, my mom bought me this sweater at an awesome buy one get one free sale at Macy’s and it took four years to find the perfect outfit. Hoarding clothes can sometimes be a good thing! 😉

If you are weary of wearing high low skirts, try one that doesn’t have an extreme difference between the front and back. There are skirts with a small high low effect that are just as beautiful. I also suggest getting one that doesn’t look like someone was a little too scissor happy.

high low skirtGold Polka Dots Winter high low skirt 4Gold Polka Dots Winter high low skirt 3Gold Polka Dots Winter high low skirt 2Gold Polka Dots - Winter high low skirt 5

Sweater (similar) | Skirt (maxi) | Heels | Purse (similar) | Necklace:  Style Lately

*Update: In 2014, I pledged to stop buying from fast fashion stores and only buy ethically made clothing. Read more about my decision here

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