Home Design Lessons 2 & 3: Picking the Perfect Gray Paint

Here is another lesson on paint colors because getting it right the first time is nearly impossible. So today I will be talking about the living room. Remember the before and after picture I showed about a month ago? Even though the after picture is 100 times better than the before, the color was still not what I wanted.

Gold Polka Dots - Living Room Progress before and after

We used Behr Sterling for two of our bedrooms and I loved how the color turned out. It is a completely different story in our living room though. The wall color looks blue rather than gray, which wasn’t what I had in mind. I want our living room to look bright, colorful and fresh and the blue walls weren’t doing that for me. The blue undertone screams cold, beach and calm and I think a living room should be warm, energetic and inviting. *Defining each room in three words helps when decorating!

Since it isn’t what I had in mind, I will not sleep until I pick the perfect color. I felt so bad for J, my husband, when I told him I want to repaint the living room. Even though we both do the work, he still has to deal with my crazy trial and error in this home design process.

Okay, so a little on gray paint. IT IS ONE OF THE HARDEST COLORS TO CHOOSE! I did so much research because there are hundreds of shades with different undertones that change the color. The three types of grays are cement grays, the truest gray you can find, warm grays with yellow, red, and orange undertones and cool grays with blue and green undertones. Censational girl has a great article on the different shades of gray. Check it out if you are thinking of painting your home in this neutral color palette!

Lesson 2: Sample paint colors! I wish I would’ve done that because our living room looks completely different even though there are two other rooms with the same color.

Lesson 3: Make sure you decide from the beginning whether you want cement gray, cool gray or warm gray.

As of right now, I’m leaning towards Behr Dolphin Fin (cement gray) and Behr Silver drop (light pale cement gray).

Living Room paint color inspiration
The top two pictures are Behr silver drop and the bottom are dolphin fin.

Which color do you like best?

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