Home Updates Part 1

It feels like a while since the last time I wrote a post! Sorry for being radio silent, but J and I have really been trying to finish up the house because we are having a housewarming/birthday party soon. I’m super excited and anxious because it will be the first time a lot of people see the house. I would have liked the house to be more finished (i.e. furnished), but I’m just happy all the painting is done including the living room that we repainted.

On that note, I LOVE our living room color now. Remember when I was deciding between Behr Dolphin Fin and Behr Silver Drop? Well, we tested both colors and didn’t like how Dolphin Fin looked. It was too dark for the living room and even looked green in some lighting. Silver Drop for the win! The pale grey makes the room look fresh and modern.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we bought a TV and a stand! For a while we were borrowing my sister’s mini TV and using a TV dinner table as a stand. Little by little the place is coming along. The stand we bought is from Ikea and a little too low for our liking so J and I are thinking of raising it with midcentury legs. Psst, that is our new paint color in the background…

home updates 1

I don’t know about you, but I am completely obsessed with Craigslist. I am constantly on the hunt for more furniture since 1) we have a low furniture budget and 2) I’m looking for items with character. Being on a low budget limits where we can buy furniture, but I actually prefer to have items that aren’t so cookie cutter. So far I’ve only bought three items because I thought they were perfectly priced.

Craigslist finds collage

This Duncan Phyfe Lyre chair was only $20! I know the fabric is ugly, but I have plans to reupholster it with a velvety fabric. I bought two of these end chairs and need to figure out where it will go. This brass pharmacy lamp is probably my favorite item so far. I bought it for $25 and it is in great condition. A brand new lamp just like this  is close to $100 and I wasn’t ready to spend that much on a lamp.

What are your favorite Craigslist finds?!

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