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How The Essential Dresses Are Solving a Problem


I quit the comfort of my stable full-time job to pursue a business I truly believe is necessary. Sotela is solving a real problem for women that isn’t talked about too often because we are either embarrassed or ashamed.

How often have you felt upset staring at a closet full of clothes that don’t fit the way you remembered? As women, we know our bodies fluctuate monthly, even daily and there isn’t much we can do about it.

Last year, I had really bad bloating that lasted over 8 months. I couldn’t fit into my regular clothes because they were too tight or uncomfortable. I found myself gravitating towards oversized clothing so that people wouldn’t think I was pregnant. I never felt more insecure.

I went to countless doctors and specialists to see what was wrong with me. It wasn’t just my bloated stomach anymore, but also acne, cysts, and irregular periods. The doctors did an endoscopy, gave me antibiotics, and put me on strict diets to see what was wrong. Frustrated with zero results, I researched possible causes and found I had a hormonal imbalance that was caused by birth control pills and diet.

For those 8 months, I had to buy new clothes that were big enough to hide my stomach. How sustainable is it to buy clothing that will only fit you if your body remains the same every day? It is impossible to guarantee how our bodies will look next month or next year because there are so many things that can happen within our cycle.

This just goes to show that we are beautiful, complex and changing every single day. We need clothing that we can always depend on and feel amazing in regardless of how our bodies look.

Sotela is for the everyday ever-changing women.

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