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How to be a Conscious Consumer

How to be a conscious consumerFor the past year, I’ve used the term ‘conscious consumer’ to describe a person who shops ethically made clothing. While I still believe this to be true, I think a conscious consumer embodies much more than that. A conscious consumer has a different relationship with clothing than most people.

She sees clothing as a way to express her identity, creativity and confidence.

She doesn’t depend on clothing to make her happy or make her feel beautiful because she already knows she is beautiful.

She shops out of need and not of boredom or insecurity.  

Lately, I’ve been thinking about our relationship with clothing and how it affects the fashion industry. I think fast fashion is bigger than ever because retailers, magazines and social media know how to target our insecurities. Have you ever had one of these thoughts? “I’d be so pretty if I had that new skirt.” “Her skin looks amazing, I need to buy that lotion to have amazing skin too.” “Maybe I would look skinnier if I had that top.” I know I have…

We are constantly shopping to fill a void in ourselves that will never be filled with more clothes. More clothes won’t make us beautiful or give us that approval we look for daily.  Being a conscious consumer means being a happier person in our own skin.

I’m not advocating to stop buying clothes altogether (especially since I’m starting Sotela ;)), but to see clothing as a tool to share your beauty with others.

Take your time when shopping and buy what you love based on your needs and lifestyle and not what is trendy. Be conscious of who you are as a person and how clothing will help emit what you feel on the inside.

Take pride in the clothing you buy and make sure you are buying clothing that was made by hard working people who are valued and appreciated.


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