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How to be a Conscious Shopper For the Holidays

How to Be a Conscious Shopper for the Holidays
Ah, ‘tis the time to celebrate with family and friends and spend money at the stores. Am I right? I know I am guilty of spending hours at the mall buying clothes I don’t really wear/need. I woke up early last year to go to the mall with my sister to buy items I now regret. Even though I thought I was being a smart shopper, by sticking to my budget, I bought cheap disposable clothes that I know won’t last much longer. It is easier for me to stay away from the mall now that I only buy eco/ethically made clothes because let’s face it, you won’t find ethically made clothes there! But I still find myself itching to buy some basic pieces that will fill holes in my wardrobe.

Before buying anything, I go through this list to figure out if it is something I really need and not just want. That is my number one rule to be a SMART shopper. However, being a CONSCIOUS shopper means supporting brands that are transparent about their fabric and production partners. Why buy clothes from brands that don’t provide their workers a fair and living wage while using fabrics with chemicals?

Your Black Friday money can have a huge effect on ethical businesses that pay their workers fair wages. As the consumer, you have the power!  Support apparel brands that are going above and beyond by spending close to 14 times more to produce in the USA.

Don’t forget that your money can have a positive impact on the fashion industry and environment. 

 Check out the Where to Shop page at the top and this Factory45 blog post to see what brands to support this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!! May you have a wonderful day with family and friends 🙂 See you next week!

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