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How to Buy Clothing With Intention

An ode to the #Sotelaeveryday woman

She sees clothing as a way to express her identity, creativity, and confidence.

She doesn’t depend on clothing to make her happy or feel beautiful because she already knows she is.

She shops out of need and not boredom or insecurity.

How many times do we think, “I would look so pretty, if only I had ______?” I used to catch myself saying it frequently when I looked at clothing as the source of my beauty. It was an unhealthy relationship because instead of looking inward, I was looking at objects to validate myself.

It took me almost a year to shift my relationship with clothing. My conscious consumerism journey began when I pledged to only shop ethical or sustainable apparel. Since I couldn’t afford to buy too many new clothes, I slowed down my consumption by about 90%.

Slowing down allowed me to redefine my style, intentions and needs. I no longer needed that new sweater because I already owned one. The difference between need and want became much clearer and that’s what I hope to help you with today through the worksheet below!
Buy Clothing With Intention

Before buying clothes, I  look at my closet and take stock of the things I like and don’t like. This helps me to define my style and see what I wear on a regular basis. Comfort is always king!

Then I take note of the holes in my closet, which are the items you wish you had. Lately, I’ve been telling myself that I wish I had loose fitting ankle-length trousers like this or this.

Can I think of three outfits? I could wear those pants with my Everlane tees  (1, 2, and 3) or my chambray box cut top. Check!

What color would work best? For these pants, I would definitely choose olive because it goes well with any color. I’m too paranoid to get light colored pants because I’m such a klutz when I eat.

Does it spark joy? YES! The only two types of pants I have are leggings and jeans. There are certain days when I don’t want to wear either because I want to be more dressed up, but still unbelievably comfortable.

I’m planning on buying it soon! Haven’t decided between the two options, but those comfortable pants are in my future.

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