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How to Choose Comfortable Heels

It has been so hard getting back to the swing of things after a vacation in paradise. Anyway, the show must go on, right?

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I wore this lovely dress to my friend’s wedding last month. I’ve had it in my closet for several years and thought it was time to wear it again. Dresses with pockets are the absolute best, especially when you can’t see the pockets. Some dresses with pockets make your hips look wider, but since this dress has an A-line, you can’t really tell.

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Today I would like to talk about comfortable heels. I do not like subjecting my feet to pain for the sake of looking good. I’ve learned early on that I will not enjoy myself if my feet are in pain. I have several heels that I know I can wear all day without any real pain and most are under 3 inches high. These heels have a block heel that make wearing them uber comfortable.

There are several things to consider when buying heels:

1) heel height
2) heel shape
3) foot/toe enclosure

My general rule of thumb is to only buy heels that are under 3 1/2 inches. I have several pairs of heels that are about 4 inches high, but have a 1/2 inch platform. Platforms that are over an inch will be very uncomfortable to walk in because you are far from the ground. I have a pair of wedges that have a two inch high platform and I can’t tell you how miserable it is to wear them for over couple hours.

Heel shape can make a huge difference because pointy heels take a lot of balance making it uncomfortable. I wear pointy heels if they are under 2 1/2 inches high because I feel more stable. These Sole Society heels are my favorite nude heels and incredibly comfortable.  Block heels, like the images above, are awesome because they provide stability while also providing height. You don’t feel like you are balancing on a tiny needle (aka pointy heel).

Pointy and peep toe heels tend to hurt your toes after several hours because  of how small the enclosure is for your feet.  I love sandals because my toes aren’t squished together. However, just make sure the straps on your sandals aren’t too tight and will leave your feet some wiggle room after they have swelled.

Tips for making shoes more comfortable:

I’ve tried it all friends. Like I said, I hate being in pain, and have bought so many Dr. Scholl’s products or have tried DIY tricks at home. One of my favorites is wearing two pairs of thick socks with shoes that are a tad too tight and blowing hot air straight at them. I use my blow dryer and do this for about 15 minutes for each foot. Once I’m done with my blow dryer, I walk around the house for 30 minutes while my shoes cool. This will usually stretch your heels, especially pointy-toed heels. I used this trick for my Sole Society heels. I’ve also bought Dr. Scholl’s rub relief tape and it works great with all shoes. I’ve used them for both heels and flats and helps when your feet rub your shoes. These are my two favorite tried and tested ways of making heels more comfortable.

Do you have any tricks for making shoes more comfortable?

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