How to Make your Sotela Garments Winter-Friendly

I’ve often found dressing in the winter to be much harder because I want to be warm, but also put together. There have been years when I solely relied on leggings, but have since found a formula to dressing up without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

I also recognize the privilege of living in southern California because our winter consists of weather in the 60s. However, I think the main differences between east and west coast winter are layers and outerwear!

Below are my top 4 tips to keep your Sotela garments winter-friendly:

Lesson 1: Choose natural fibers

Natural fibers keep you warm without overheating. I chose a cashmere sweater layered over a cotton turtleneck and fleece joggers for a streamlined winter look. Even better if your layers are in a complimentary color or pattern such as stripes. Finish off the outfit with socks that match your shoes and you are set!

Outfit Details:

Thrifted Turtleneck

Thrifted Everlane Cashmere crew

Ryan Joggers in Fleece size 1P

Nisolo Oxfords

Lesson 2: Wear your jumpsuits like pants

I’ve heard claims that jumpsuits aren’t versatile enough. Well, I’m here to say they are 100% versatile and can be worn year-round! Two of my outfits in this style session are jumpsuits because that’s how versatile they are! Pair the Stella Jumpsuit with a thick sweater and boots for a cold-weather outfit. I could’ve gone a step further and added a black turtleneck under the Stella and then the sweater. Since these are the Stella culottes, I added sock boots that hit mid calf to keep me even warmer from cold drafts.

Outfit Details:

Solo Six Organic Cotton Ever Crew (FAVORITE SWEATER ever)

Stella Culotte Black Size 1P

Aquaitalia Carrie Boots

Lesson 3: Layers, Layers, Layers

This is probably the most obvious one, but it can be tricky if your layers aren’t the right proportions. There are two types of layers — form fitting layers that can be tucked in and layers that are oversized to go on the outside.

Both types of layers can be worn with this outfit (see outfit 2), but I chose a form-fitting turtleneck to wear under my Stella Jumpsuit. I understand that turtlenecks can be tricky and some people really don’t like them. I used to be one of those people until I started folding mine down twice so it fits more like a mock neck. Mine have stretched out a bit from folding over, which is perfect because now they barely graze my neck.

If you don’t mind turtlenecks, I’d recommend a couple in neutral colors that can be layered under dresses/jumpsuits and paired with pants. It makes the ultimate winter uniform.

Outfit Details:

Kotn Turtleneck in Camel

Stella Jumpsuit 3/4 Sleeve in Navy size 1.5P

Aquaitalia Carrie Boots

Lesson 4: Always cover your ankles

Socks are wonderful in the winter. I’ve recently started experimenting with them more and it has been a game changer in my winter dressing. Buy yourself a couple that match the color of your shoes and you are set. I have black, gray, and cream which matches all of my winter-appropriate shoes. If you are new to the visible sock-shoe trend, the trick is to wear socks that match your shoe! It will look like an extension of your shoes. Check out Conni’s tips for wearing socks in her Instagram highlight. It helped me figure out how to play around with more color combinations recently.

Outfit Details:

Thrifted wool turtleneck sweater

Ryan Trousers in Gray size 1.5P

Socks via Costco 3 years ago

Thrifted loafers

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