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How to Plan your Fall Wardrobe

How to plan your fall wardrobe 3

What sets me apart from other bloggers is that I want to make sustainable clothes cool. I want to make it accessible to each and every one of you so that we can all be conscious consumers. I know prices are more expensive in the sustainable clothing world, but it is as simple as supply and demand. Once people start supporting eco and ethical brands, prices will go down. Also, you really do get what you pay for because clothes from eco and ethical brands last more than two washes. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of how much clothes should be and started buying for practically nothing. I know I never once thought why my Forever 21 shirt was only $5, and at what cost that shirt was made.

Knowing where to buy eco and ethically made clothes is only one component of being sustainable because another is having a less is more mentality. Cementing a style that fits your lifestyle and season can be intimidating especially with so many outfit ideas on Pinterest, but that is why I want to help! Planning for each season will not only help you save money, but also lessen the amount of waste created by unwanted clothes.

With that being said, let’s plan your fall wardrobe!

1. Figure out your style

I found this great wardrobe planner on Un-Fancy’s blog that will help you plan for next season. Caroline from Un-Fancy uses this planner to create a capsule wardrobe with 37 pieces she wears the entire season. It is such a great idea, but wouldn’t necessarily work for me since I work in an office and wear completely different clothes on weekends. However, it is great to define our style and our ‘need’ for Fall.

2. Look at your closet

If many items in your closet already fit your style outlined in the wardrobe planner then you don’t have to shop too much for next season. If you are still itching for something new, try looking at accessories or shoes.

3. Determine your budget

It makes shopping easier when you have a game plan! Try to stick to your budget as much as possible.

4. Take a look at the brands mentioned on this blog

I would suggest looking at Seamly, Everlane and Amour Vert for Fall basics.

If you are looking for more statement pieces and outerwear, look at Ethica and Emerson Fry.

I would also suggest looking at thrift stores for sweaters and jeans! I’ve seen so many cozy knitted sweaters at the Goodwill and Savers.

If all of the above seem like too much work,  you can hire me to help 😉

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