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How to Transition your Summer Jumpsuits for Fall

Let me begin with this fun fact– linen is a wonder fabric that will keep you warm in the winter. Is it like wool? No, probably not, but it does act as an insulator in the cold!

Due to linen’s amazing properties, it makes wearing these summer jumpsuits much easier in the fall. I actually know someone who wore her Sotela linen jumpsuit in the snow.

The easiest way to transition any summer outfit for fall is with the right layers. I’ve slowly been adding winter basics to my closet because they are essential for layering.

Outfit 1: Flor Jumpsuit in Lavender

When I first decided to add lavender to our collection, I wasn’t sure if it would be a ‘timeless’ color. I proved myself wrong after seeing this outfit! It truly works for every season and I can’t wait to wear this outfit once the weather cools down.

Flor Jumpsuit in lavender

Poncho: Secondhand

White Long Sleeve: Kotn

Booties: Vionic (old)

Outfit 2: Stella Culotte in Chambray

Camel and chambray is a match made in heaven. Well, camel with anything is quite perfect, to be honest. This is another outfit I didn’t expect to be good until this style video.

Stella Culotte in Chambray

Turtleneck: Kotn (color isn’t available)

Oxfords: Nisolo

Outfit 3: Flor Jumpsuit in Cream Stripe

This is my favorite outfit of the three! The cream stripe linen is also slightly thicker than our other colors so it will work perfectly in the fall. I’d probably add tights or leggings in the winter to make the outfit warmer.

Flor Jumpsuit in Cream Stripe

Turtleneck: Secondhand

Booties: Nicora

Watch the three outfits in action below!

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