How to Wear Jeans to Work

How to Wear Jeans at Work- Gold Polka Dots How to Wear Jeans at Work- Gold Polka Dots how to wear jeans to workHow to Wear Jeans at Work- Gold Polka Dots

I daydream about the day I can wear jeans to work on a regular basis. I work in an office with a business casual dress code, which means I wear trousers, dresses and skirts. We have casual Fridays where jeans and sneakers are allowed so you better believe that is exactly what I wear on Fridays.

If I were allowed to wear jeans to work, I would wear this outfit when I have meetings or want to look more polished. Nothing says fancy to me like a red peplum top and leopard print heels. I know you can’t see my heels too well, but these heels are less than 3 inches high making them incredibly comfortable for all day wear. That is another important aspect about wearing jeans to work. Make sure you are comfortable because it defeats the purpose of wearing jeans!?

Here are three simple rules for wearing jeans to work without looking too casual:

1. Make sure your jeans are tailored without rips

2. Wear a top or blouse that makes you look polished (i.e. peplum tops and button down blouses)

3.  Heels are a must, but make sure they are comfortable

How would you wear jeans to work?

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