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Inspiration Behind the Lino Collection

I first started dreaming up this collection in 2018. Originally, it was going to be a separate brand that had linen shirts for all. Yep, that means button-up shirts for every human. Some would be fitted like the ones in our current collection, while others would be longer and wider for an oversized fit. Essentially, I wanted linen shirts for my husband, ha!

However, after going back and forth on the idea for almost two years, I decided to release the fitted version of the shirts for Sotela’s spring lineup. The idea of launching another brand felt overwhelming because it would be too similar to Sotela. So instead, we released a full linen collection, the Lino, named after the Spanish word for linen.

I feel the most proud of this collection because it embodies Sotela and everything that is important to us — joy and simplicity.

We chose our color story based on what brought us joy at a basic level. Vibrant colors are the first thing we notice when looking at our closet. They bring us a simple type of joy before even getting ready.

The Lino Collection’s garments are simple, yet beautiful. They are a return to basic designs that can be paired with what you already own. Looking back, it feels like these garments were designed for the tough times we are currently facing.

Most of the garments in this collection are Sotela classics that are now available in our Lino fabric and colors. These are our best sellers that we bring back every season because they are obviously loved by so many of you! We updated the sizing in all of our classics to make it more consistent across the board. Based on customer feedback, we widened the hip of all of our bottoms and jumpsuits. Our size charts now reflect those changes.

Our new garments are named after fruits in Spanish because, again, they represent joy and simplicity. If a grapefruit (pomelo) doesn’t exude joy, I don’t know what does!

We designed the Lino collection with your lives in mind. Each garment is practical and comfortable to wear from the office to you couch in the warm weather. They are easy to love, wash, and wear.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do.

P.s. We are still thinking about releasing the oversized version of our button-up shirts 😉



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